Saturday, April 23, 2011

Searching Text Inside Files

Many times I have faced a situation where I had to find which Excel files have inside them a specific code, and that meant I had to open all Excel files (more than 30) to look at inside if the code was there.

For these opportunities it's very useful to use a Windows 7 characteristic which allows you to find inside all the Excel files that are within a folder. Honestly, I haven't proved if it works with any kind of files.

As I explained before, the aim of these procedure is to find what Excel files have a code inside, considering that we are just looking for the files contained in a particular folder.

First you have to select the folder you know files inside have the code you are looking for, after that in the text box located at the right corner type the code and press "Enter", you will notice that explorer shows a message pointing that there was not successful results ("No items match your search"), this is because no files have a name like the code you entered.

In this case you have to select the "File Contents" option at the right, which will force Windows to look into all the files contained in the folder.

Once you make this selection you will have to wait until the progress bar finishes the loading, this progress will be visible in the path box in green color.

Finally, the files which contain the code will be listed one by one until all the files got checked, having in this way the results from your search.

It depends on you to select which file you require.