Recording the Screen/Window and Audio of Your Computer

Case: I want to record the screen (or window) and audio (coming from the microphone and the speakers) of my computer in a video file.
Requisites:Open Broadcaster Software (OBS) is installed.
Open OBS.
Go to 'Settings'. 
Set the output path for the recording and the format to use.
Set the video resolution, the base and output resolution must be the same, play with these values if you see that OBS is recording one part of the expected output.
Add the video source to record, use 'Display Capture' if you want to record the total screen or 'Window Capture' if you want to record only a specific application window. 
Create a new source, use the name you want.
Select the specific window to record.
Validate in the preview if what you see is what you expect.
Start the recording.
Stop the recording when you think is the right time.
Go to the output path and you will have the recording ready.

Notifying When Battery is Full in Linux

Case: I want to be notified by a sounding popup when the battery of my laptop is fully charged. I'm using Debian Linux and Gnome 3.
Requisites: The following applications are installed: sh, upower, paplay, notify-send.

Open a text editor and put this code (adapted from here): #!/usr/bin/env bash while true do export DISPLAY=:0.0 battery_percent=$(upower -i /org/freedesktop/UPower/devices/battery_BAT0 | grep -P -o 'percentage: [0-9]+(?=%)' | grep -P -o [0-9]*) if on_ac_power; then echo $on_ac_power if [ "$battery_percent" -gt 92 ]; then paplay /usr/share/sounds/freedesktop/stereo/suspend-error.oga notify-send --urgency CRITICAL "Battery full" "Level: ${battery_percent}% " fi fi sleep 60 # done Save the file with .sh extension in the user's home directory, choice an understandable name, for example:/home/ronald/ Edit the file named .profil…

Using Gestures to Open Apps in Android

You need to use a calculator, so you take your Android phone and tap on the calculator icon if you have it in the first screen, or you swipe between screens to find and tap the calculator icon.
But, if you don't have the calculator in the screen, you tap on the app menu and then you have to look for the calculator (scrolling all the screens needed). On the other hand, you can take your phone tap on a bubble to open a canvas and draw a gesture there to open the calculator, this being possible in any screen/app of your phone.
To have the last feature described you can use Gesture Magic, after install it you should enable 'Gesture Service' in 'Settings'.

Then you should go to 'Gesture Magic' option.

Tap on '+' button in the inferior corner.

 Select the action, in this case 'Open Application'.

Select the app to be open by a gesture, in this case HIPER Scientific Calculator.

Draw the gesture you want 3 times and save it.

Then, you will be ab…

Using Styles in Word

If you have to change the style of a Word document (like changing the color of the headings), you can do it manually by editing each text or you can edit the style only once. For this, the recommendation is to set a style for the headings you work with, highlight the heading and go to "Styles" and select the one you want. Do this for all your headings.

Later, if you want to customize the style (like changing color) you can right-click on the style you are using and select "Modify...".

In the new window edit the color for this style or other properties. 

Once you accept the edition, this will apply to the headings with the same style.

You will be able to change the style of your document easily by editing the style and no each text.

Assigning Colors for Events in Outlook Calendar

When you have many events in your Outlook calendar, it's useful to highlight them in different colors according to their categories.

It's possible to do this manually for each item, but you can set Outlook to do this automatically by right-clicking on an empty slot on the calendar and click on 'View Settings...'.

In the new windows that appears, click on 'Conditional Formatting...'.

The list of the rules already registered will be shown with the color assigned to each of them.

Click on 'Add' and complete the field 'Name:' and select a color for this new rule. Then, click on 'Condition...'.

There, you can set the filter for the events that will have the selected color by using different criteria.

Once the setting is finished Outlook will check each new item on the calendar to assign a color if it fits with the filters.

Alternative for Screenshoting in Windows

If the default way to get screenshots in Windows is to basic for you, let me introduce you Greenshot, a lightweight open source tool to make screenshots with the option to take a portion of the screen and then edit it.
Once you make the screenshot, it's saved in the clipboard so you can use the capture immediately, but if you want, you can right click in the application icon in the taskbar and open the editor:

And add some marks and more:

It's straightforward and has many options like capturing the mouse pointer, notifications, sound, default destination and more:

I use this tool as it's really practical, with many options and doesn't eat your memory, very recommendable. 

Changing the color of the text when replying email in Outlook

If you use Microsoft Outlook in your computer, you should have this application configured to reply emails by using blue fonts (not black):

To change this, just go 'File' and select 'Options' on the left:

Then, go to 'Mail' and click on 'Stationery and Fonts...':

In the new window, you will have fonts configuration, select the one in the section 'Replying or forwarding messages' and set the fonts as you like:

Now, when you reply or forward an email you will use the font as you set it.