Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Fastest Way to Know the Size of Files or Folders

Hi there! this time I'm going to show you a quick way to know the total size of any select files or folders.

My idea is to give a sum up about how this task is accomplished typically so, you first select the elements you want to measure, this by using "Ctrl" key and click over the files or folders without releasing the key.
As a second step you click the right button of your mouse and select "Properties" option displayed in the menu.

With the procedure explain lines above you'll finally get here, where you will see the total amount of space used by the chosen elements.

And what is the trick? Well, it's quite simple but I know there are people who may not have acknowledge about this, just use the keys "Alt" and "Enter" and you'll skip the right-clicking thing and selecting "Properties". Yes! just select the elements and press "Alt" + "Enter" to go straight to "Properties" windows.


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