Sunday, September 17, 2017

Preventing Excel File to Open or Edit with Password

When you have an Excel file and don’t want everyone to open or edit it but only specific people then you could protect the file with a password. To do this, you have to use the ‘Save As...’ option and select ‘Browser’:


In the typical window to save the file, go to ‘Tools’ option and then select ‘General Options...’:

With that selection, you will be able to set a password that will be asked when opening or editing the file, without the right password the file will not open or edit:

This is the popup that will appear to anyone after setting the protection:

Also, you can use this option to set a recommendation when opening the file to use it as read-only, to do this just check the box ‘Recommend as read-only’ located under the password box, then when opening the file will always show this:

This read-only function can be used without setting a password.

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