Sunday, April 21, 2013

Changing Disk Location in VirtualBox

When we are looking for different kind of operating systems you can think on installing these on your computer, but sometimes you won't use it as usual as you really do with your always-used operating system.

This is my case, I use Linux, Debian specifically, but I bear on mind that Windows will be necessary in some ocassions . Therefore, I decided to install a virtual machine so I won't need to switch between systems which is very annoying.

For doing so It's necessary to have a virtualization software, an application that simulates a virtual PC, where you can install an operating system just like you'll do it on your real computer. As you should imagine there are many of these applications but I prefer VirtualBox for being free.

When you install this software it will help you to configure your virtual machines (yes, you can have many) having as an important step the creation of a virtual disk to be used for the virtual PC, all is happiness when you use the wizard but I needed later to use my virtual disk in another computer so I didn't want to install everything again but to use my previous virtual disk created.

Then, in this situation you first need to have created your new virtual PC, once you have done that you just have to tell to this virtual PC that you'll use the virtual disk from another virtual PC previously created, this is quite easy. First select yout virtual machine, in this case "Remote Desktop" then you pick on "Configuration" button.

Locate the "Storage" section and under "SATA Controller" click on the icon that is show, this icon is for adding a virtual disk.

There will appear a message like this asking you about what disk you are going to set, you pick the button to select a previously created disk.

You pick your disk and it will be attached to your virtual PC, now you just remove the another one to keep just one. The next time you boot your virtual machine it will use the new disk.

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