Saturday, October 8, 2011

Searching in Multiple Excel Tabs

This is something that I hadn't realized until I helped a partner with an Excel, the problem was with the searching because the results were really unexpected, she selected just a column in the tab "PerĂº" but the searching dialog showed results from "PerĂº" and "Colombia" tabs, really curious, isn't it?.

At that moment I thought "this could be very useful when you have a lot of tabs to search in!", so I will show you how to use it. As an example, I will use an Excel with many values corresponding each one to determined country, having at the same time many countries displayed as tabs.

The aim of this searching is to find the value 4034220, for this I can use the search all option but I know that this value is only in non-spanish countries, so I just start selecting those country tabs, to do this just click on the tabs you want while pressing "Ctrl" key. As you can see, this tabs will be marked in white color.

Once you have done this the only thing to do is to use the classic search option, put the value you're looking for and click "Find All" button.

With this, the dialog will show you the location of the value in the tabs you have chosen, just only the selected ones.

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