Saturday, May 7, 2011

Earning Money by Clicking

In certain point of my travel over internet I found a web page that claimed to be one of the few sites which paid you by clicking on advertisements and viewing them for a short time.

At first I consider this as something very tricky, but the only thing I could do was trying it to watch the results. This was the beginning of the unknown hahaha, I started looking at these advertisements and earning a little amount for these.

It's obvious that nobody will give you money as easy, therefore I had to click and click for a long time to get paid, and that was surprisingly what occurred.

The page I'm talking about is Neobux, to get an account just click on "Register".

And you will have this form shown to fulfill your information and continue the procedure.

When you have your user created, come back to the main page and log in to visualize your options, the major link to always visit is "View Advertisements" which will show you a squares with numbers meaning the amount of web pages pending of clicking.

The link mentioned before will put you into a panel with all the advertisements to be clicked, ones who has an star means that you have been not paid for this yet, so you have to click on it.

Once you have clicked one of this ads, it will be necessary to click on a red point, this is because the page wants to assure that you are a human being and not a kind of automated machine.

The chosen ad will display a web page showing the advertiser that will pay you, but this page will have a loading bar showing the remaining time you have to wait to get credited.

Then, the only thing to do is to wait until the progress bar complete, the page itself will tell you about your payment.

Now, after a time you will probably reach the limit established to request a payment, so in this case you will have to log in and visit your account overview and click on "Your payment", here you will point which account you want to be paid to, this can be Paypal or Alertpay.

I have to remarks that it will not make you rich, or maybe yes hahaha, it depends on how much people you will make them to register here, because by doing so, Neobux will pay you by every click your referrals do.


  1. Hi rony thanks for visiting my blogsite. Neobux is really still the no 1, though there are changes in the click value, i believe the admin knows what they are doing. Neobux is on my list of PTC sites, lately i had also created my ptcheck list. If you had time try check it out and give comments. My blogsite is

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