Sunday, January 16, 2011

Using ADrive as an Online Storage

Many years ago I had the necessity of keeping my files out of my computer and available from anywhere, the problem was that I din't have a USB memory (I know that is easy to get one nowadays but believe me, at that moment I had nothing ha ha).

Therefore, my mind didn't work too much to realize that there would be a kind of USB memory on the internet so I started to search about it using search engines, and this is how I arrived to ADrive which have met my expectations until now, and the best of all is that is free.

It's important to mention that Adrive has a flash-based file explorer, so Flash Player is required, once you have it there will appear a page like this. As you can notice there won't be any problem using it because it seems like windows explorer, but you have to keep on mind that it's necessary to have the JRE (Java Runtime Environment) installed if you want to use the advanced upload manager.

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