Friday, April 4, 2014

Obtaining All the Information of Computers

When we buy a computer this one is ready to be used so we don't have to worry about having the network card, mouse or touchpad ready, to mention a few examples.

However, what happens if you need or have to format your computer? Well, you can use your Windows disk to make a new installation and get the disk formatted. But you will notice that after this process some of your devices won't work correctly. When this happens it's probably because you don't have the required drivers of your devices.

What a problem! how can I fix that? Very simple, I'll introduce you a tool named HWiNFO, install it and execute it with an account with admin privileges, this application allows you to choice the type of report it's going to generate.

After that, you will be in front of a summary of your system, you can review it but for this post just click on "Close".

Once you close the system summary you'll see a window like this, giving you all the information of each component of you computer, here is where you have to navigate to find the characteristics of the devices that are not working (brand and model for example).

With this information you can search on the internet the appropiate driver for you device, when I have to do this I prefer to go to the driver's manufacturer site for being the most reliable source. Remember that having the correct drivers will help you to harness all their functionality.