Sunday, February 6, 2011

Electronic Money Through Paypal

Nowadays, international transactions can be made thanks to internet but it's always a complex thing the fact of paying to a person living in another continent. Therefore, let me show you a way to do this easily with Paypal.

First of all, you have to create an account going to the webpage and the Sign up link located at the top of the page.

In the next page you have to select your country, language and choice the type of count you are goint to create.

Now, it's time to fullfil your information and after this you'll have your account created.

You have to go to the page again to login.

For Paypal it's important that you validate your account to avoid constraints, for this I recommend you to add your credit card, which will be necessary when you decide to buy something using Paypal.

In the following image you can see the list of your current credit cards with the option of editing or adding a new one.

If you are willing to add a credit card, you will have this page in your screen.

Once you have added your credit card, Paypal will withdraw a small amount from it (close to $1) that will be returned back when you validate your credit card. To do this, you must look at your credit card movements and take note of the code that is shown in the description of the movement Paypal did.

Finally, with that code, you will have to login in the webpage to put in that number, after this you will be able to start making transferences between Paypal accounts, I specially use mine to buy in Ebay.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Well, I Have a Video File but I Want it in a DVD

It's interesting your thought because watching movies on TV is the best, then, if you want to do so I'll definitely recommend DVD Flick because it's free and fullfils my requirements at the moment of building  DVDs.

This is the main window, where you have to add your video files for the compilance with the "Add title" button on the right.

Now that you have your file loaded, at the left you will find a bar which shows what percentage of the DVD space you are using, after this, you need to set the principal properties of the compilance using the "Project settings" button. Here, in the General section you must set de title, DVD capacity, priority process and thread number.

Pick the Burning section to establish the way DVD Flick will burn your compilance, as a recommendation I will say that it's better to always crear a DVD image to assure that it's ok.

However, you can also change te properties of the video file specifically by using the "Edit title" button.

Which I consider important about this window is that you can add additional audio track for the video with the option of setting the language of this audio (Track language combo box).

And you can also add subtitles, by going to the "Subtitle tracks" section, and inside this you can edit the properties of the subtitle, for intance, you can tell DVD Flick to save this subtitle as a specific language.

Finally, you are ready to burn your DVD, but be careful because you have to assure that there's enough space for the intermediate files and DVD image on the path specified in the "Project destination folder" section which is at the bottom.

If you are now ready, click on the "Create DVD" button from the toolbar and wait until the process finishes, after this you will have to go to the destination folder and pick your new DVD image.

Do You Want to Convert Media Files Without Installing an Application?

If your answer is yes, let me introduce you Online Convert, a free web page designed to help you in your task of converting a variety of media (video, audio, image, document and ebook) files to many formats.

Once you entered in the page you have to select you media target.

Then, you have to upload the file you want to convert in the chosen target format and click the "Convert file" button.

Wait until the progress bar reachs 100 %, this could take time depending on the file size.

Once the file is already converted, a download dialog box will appear with your new file, you know what to do with it haha.

After downloading you file, the site will show you alternatives to be selected, you can select "Convert another file to ..." if you want to.

Feature on Excel 2007/2010 to Remove Duplicates

Maybe you faced this situation: you have a lot of rows in Excel with many columns and you that you are only looking for codes which are in the first column to build a useful report.

As you are very intelligent, you decide to copy the first column on another sheet to begin the construction of your desired report. However, you realize at that moment that you have indeed duplicated codes, one code you saw it on row 13 and the same on row 65 and so on.

Now, you have to look for a way to do it without wasting your time, therefore I will give a idea that have just came to mi mind:

1) Copy the column in a new sheet and apply an ascending order.

2) Use the equal operator to determine if the number on the left is equal to its predecessor. At this point you will have a TRUE or FALSE in the right cell of each number.

3) Filter the TRUE cells and remove these rows, you will keep only FALSE cells and, as you can see, there will be no duplicate codes.

But, as you are using Excel 2007/2010... why don't you use the remove duplicates button? haha. For this just select the cells you want to be with no duplicate values, go to the Data ribbon and click the "Remove duplicates" and wait until Excel do its job.