Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Having Documents on PDF

It's very useful to have your files in pdf files because they are very practical, the problem is that many time you have your information in documents made in Word, Excel, PowerPoint and so on. Therefore, people don't have another way rather than walking around with this documents.

Fortunately, Bullzip PDF Printer helps us with the task of converting any file we have in pdf format by "printing" them in this type of file.

After installing this tool, the only thing you have to do is to select the document you would like to have in pdf. Once you have the chosen one you should send this file to the printer, yes... sounds weird, but the key here is the use of a virtual printer which will built the file in pdf format.

As an example, I will print a Word document using the virtual printer, you are required to select the Bullzip printer and select "OK".

With this action, Bullzip printer will show a popup asking you the folder it's going to save the pdf file. Picking on the "..." button will let you make this selection.

Select the destination path and go.

Once you locate the destination you can set many advanced options, then press "Save".

Finally, the printer will generate the pdf displaying the result the time it finishes.

When you have any document to convert, this tool will help you a lot.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Moving Cells in Excel without Copying

I found once a way to move cells across Excel with a curious way that I haven't known before. The simple trick is just moving a cell or a group of them while pressing the "Shift" key.

First at all, select the range of cells you want to move, then click on the border together with the "Shift" key and begin the movement.

After this, just locate the cells where you want to place them.

Release the click and you will notice the new position of the cells.

The previous example was to place the cells on the right side of other cells, however you can put them also between a range.

Very curious thing, right?

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Replacing Enters in Excel

I had just a week ago this case, my Excel had a cell containing 4 codes separated just by enters.Excel and other Microsoft Office applications have an option to replace any kind of text, but what happen if you want to replace no-printable characters like enters.

I had just a week ago this case, my Excel had a cell containing 4 codes separated just by enters.

Then, to have this codes separate by "-" I decided to replace the enters, to do this was necessary to enter this character in the "Search" textbox, this is possible by typing "Alt + 0010" and a "." is shown flashing, after that I put the "-" which was the replacement.

Finally I got my objetive, a tip to bear in mind is that to put the enter character it's necessary to type 0010 with the numeric pad. Otherwise, nothing will happen.

Displaying Current Slide with PowerPoint

At work I've always seen this situation: someone is giving a presentation with a ppt or pptx extension in full screen mode, when suddenly there's a person who request coming back to an specific slide.

This is how the expositor takes a break and gets out of the full screen mode to select the given slide.

But, when it's time to display the full screen mode everybody uses the shortcut "F5" having as result the first slide of the presentation, so if the slide to be presented is 123 of 234 slides you will have to click next, next and more next.

To avoid this annoying situation just locate on the slide you want to start from and use the shortcut "Shift + F5", in this way you are going to be where you want in full screen mode.