Saturday, June 24, 2017

Avoiding to Mark as Read in Outlook by Accident

When using Outlook, it offers a 'Reading Pane' function that allows you to read the selected email in the same window (not required to double click on it to open it). After this, the email is marked as read and you won't need to read it again, which is perfect.

However, if you select accidentally an email this will be marked as read when you didn't want to read it, to avoid this you can avoid the 'Reading Pane' or you can change how this 'Mark as read' function works. To do the last one, go to 'File' and select 'Options'.

In 'Options', go to 'Mail' and then locate 'Outlook panes' section, click on 'Reading Pane...' and there you can disable the behavior explained before, it will require to open the mail with double click to mark it as read.

Once you have this modified, you won't have more mails read by accident.

Sunday, April 30, 2017

Recovering Theme in Windows 8

Long time ago a friend called me because suddenly her Windows 8 screen just got black.

It happens when you change the theme of Windows, this can be done by going to 'Start' screen and type 'personalization' and select this feature.

Then you choose a different theme if you don't like the black one.

For example, you can select the default theme, this one will give the usual Windows look and feel.

You have to be aware of the shortcut that Windows has to change the contrast of the theme, if you press Shift + Alt + Print Screen buttons the theme is going to change to a black one. If don't want to follow the steps before just press the same buttons to undo the change.

Saturday, February 25, 2017

Disabling Always Appearing Research Window in Excel

I have seen many cases when someone is working in Excel and have a set of text cells like shown below.

Everything is working normally, however, suddenly you start to have a problem when clicking your cells, now it's appearing the 'Research' window using the word in the selected cell.

And that happens with every click you do, you can close the window, but when you click in a cell again it appears anyway.

Now, you have to know that this window appears when you click on a cell while you are pressing 'Alt' or 'AltGr' key, therefore, if you are not pressing one of those keys probably they got stuck there. To fix it just press a few times your 'Alt' or 'AltGr' key until the 'Research' window doesn't appear anymore.

Thursday, January 5, 2017

Using Your Laptop as Hotspot

If you have a laptop o computer with a wired network card and a wireless one so you could use it as a hotspot to share internet to others by using mHotspot.

First, you have to download the installer, once you do it run the installer, this is going to display but don't use the quick installation, you need to customize (don't check on 'Install Wander Burst...'):

Then, you have to uncheck the 'TuneUp Utilities' to get not installed, then click 'Next':

The installation will finish and you can execute it, fill 'Hotspot name', put the password and click on 'Start Hotspot':

Wait for a little and you will see 'Hotspot: ON' and others now will be ready to connect to this virtual hotspot and have internet:

It doesn't work if you have only one wireless card, or at least I couldn't make it work and haven't found documentation about it.

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Adding Website to Your Android Home Screen

Sometimes you are using (because you like to or have to) a web page from your Android device and you think that I would be better if you could access directly, maybe using an application on your screen or having it as a bookmark on your browser.

Unfortunately not all webpages offers their own application for quick access, and using a bookmark force you to start the browser, then go to the bookmarks section, then search between bookmarks what you want and then click on it.

What you can do if there is no application to help you is to 'pin' that web in your home screen so you can access it directly. To do that, first start you default web browser (in this case Chromium), go to your favorite web and click on options (button with 3 dots):

Next click on 'Add to Home screen' option:

Write the name for this direct access:

And it's done, now you can go to that page directly by clicking on its icon on the home screen:

I have seen other browsers that offers this option too, the steps should be similar and I think you won't have any problem doing them.

Saturday, March 12, 2016

Selecting Monitor to Project PowerPoint Presentation

If you use PowerPoint to create presentations and you like the extended view when projecting your screen, then you probably have faced the problem with fullscreen PowerPoint presentation, when the presentation displays in your computer (only you can watch it) rathen than in the another screen (everyone can watch it).
What you need to do is to select previously what screen you will to use to project the fullscreen projection, go to the "Slide Show" tab.

Then go to "Monitors" section and pick the monitor you want for fullscreen projection on the "Show Presentation On".

That's all, now the next fullscreen projection will be on the monitor everyone can see.

Friday, November 13, 2015

Managing Disk Partitions

Today I want to write about disk partition, probably you have seen that a computer has one or more drives (C:, D: and more) but it doesn't mean that there is actually such amount of physical drives, therefore they are called partitions.

I consider that it's a best practice to always have an exclusive partition for your operating system and one o more for all you data, because if you have a problem that will require your system to be reinstalled then the reinstallation is not going to delete your data just the operating system.

What do I have to do if I save my data and my operating system in one partition? Well, you must create a partition and for that I'm going to show you Gparted, this is a free tool and I recommend you to use the live version because it will be better to have it in a CD just in case.

With the CD in your computer just turn on it and Grub will show you a screen like this, select the first option (the other ones are advanced).

Here select 'Don't touch keymap'.

At this point you can choose the language, type the number you want and press 'Enter'.

Be careful here, because if you don't pick 0 you'll have to fight with command prompt.

After all, Grub is going to show, you will see all the partitions you have, the amount of space used and the size of each one.

To have a more detailed view just double click on the partition you want.

In this window you will be able to resize or move the partition, to do so you can use the arrows located at the left o right of the rectangle, with this you can reduce the amount your operating system will have in its partition, remember that used space is in yellow and total size is in white.

Once you have reduced the operation system partition you can create a new partition by double clicking on the free space, if you want a Windows partition select 'ntfs' as file system, but if you want a Linux one select 'ext4'.

Even, you can decide to not use all the space, so use the arrows to resize the partition as you wish.

Remember that nothing of this changes has been applied yet because you need to explicitly point that you want the changes to perform.

Click on 'Apply' and wait for the results.

It's very important to keep your laptop with the charger because this process could take hours depending of the operations needed to be performed.

Once everything is donde just reboot the computer and remove the Grub cd from the tray to boot up in your operating system. Don't forget to move all data you want to keep towards your new partition.